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Career Planning Workshop

In this 2 day workshop, students will complete 2 psychometric assessments that help them identify the 3 industries that are most suitable to their personality and 3 job roles within these industries that are more amenable to them. Further they will explore the career pathways and work out a plan for their career. They will also understand the impact of Artificial Intelligence and technology in their chosen career. Additionally, they will learn to manoeuvre their career around the impact of AI and technology. They will also learn to perform a SWOT analysis of their specific situation and work out an individualized career plan.

Placement Preparation and Employability

Targeted at students passing out of the College, this 2 day workshop, through the use of Psychometric Assessments, helps the students understand their innate strengths and how they can leverage these strengths in finding a job. They will learn how to understand a job description, how to customize their cover letter and prepare an impressive CV. They will also learn how to successfully attend interviews, group discussions and other selection methods employed at screening. They will also learn other aspects of the selection process that can add more value like presenting themselves, business power dressing and art of small talk, questions that they should and could ask in an interview, follow-up etc.

Train the Trainer / Teacher

This 2 day communication workshop is specifically tailored for Teachers / Professors in an academic setting. Your team will understand the basics of Pedagogy and through the use of Psychometric assessments, learn to identify different type of Learners and how to deliver these classes to cover all types of learners. They will also learn to understand the learning styles of the students and flex their teaching style to reach out to all learning styles. You will see a definite improvement in the performance of your teachers which will also impact your student performance.

English Language Training

This 2 week workshop will help your students and teachers understand the basic nuances of the English language and to become more effective communicators in English. Students who aspire for certifications like IELTS, Linguaskill, etc. would find this immensely helpful as an additional aid to achieve higher scores.

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